I started doing ceramics painting last week. It’s becoming a standing appointment every Tuesday.

Last week I painted a little fluffy cat. This week I started this really cool geometric textured cat.

I was eyeballing it last week, so since it was still there I had to snatch it up. It has this cut in the back of it. My friend thinks it may be so it can sit in the corner of a wall. She helped me pick out a good pastel palette for my kitty. I wanted it to look like a mosaic since it has so much texture. This is about as far as I got today…

This is going to take me a while. 😂 The process is really relaxing though. I find that painting (ceramic or following tutorials) really relaxes me and clears my head. Plus, it’s nice to take a break from orders for a few hours.

This cat had an unclaimed twin at the studio, so I reserved that one as well. If I don’t totally hate the detail painting by the time I’m finished, I’ll be painting the other one so it’s the opposite of this pastel kitty. We’ll see! 😁

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