Friday Freebies!


It’s been a bit of a stressful week, so I’m thankful my good buddy Friday has come back to visit. đŸ˜‰

We had some spring weather this week! Even though we’re about to get thrown right back into winter this weekend, the weather has me dreaming of beautiful airy shawls. I love making shawls and wraps. I never feel like I have enough time to sit down and make one, but they’re a favorite project of mine. I love seeing them build up. The stitches come together to make such pretty motifs and they (generally) don’t take a ton yarn so it’s easier to use a special yarn for one. They’re also a great project to do while working on Netflix! Lots of reasons to love shawls.

Since I have shawls on the brain, I thought I would share some FREE pretty shawl patterns I’ve seen this week! I may have to try a couple of these out.

Amara Shawl – Moogly (uses beads!)

Lost in Time Shawl – Mijo Crochet (the colors are beautiful)

Virus Shawl – Woolpedia (a very popular shawl pattern)

Klaziena Shawl – Kirsten Bishop (very pretty and delicate, but you’ll need a free Ravelry account to access)

Southern Diamonds Shawl – ELK Studio (I’ve made this one before, and it turns out SO beautifully)

So there are 5 free and beautiful shawl patterns for you crocheters out there! I can also make any of these on commission as well. Just fill out one of my order interest forms in the “Contact” page of the site.

Have a great Friday!

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